5.56 In Stock!

PMC 5.56 6sgrn Green TIP finally in stock. As you all know we are pumping up our ammo game and with that we have finally brought in some 5.56 ammo. I say finally because we were finally able to find a source for it. Other calibers are in the works but right now we are happy to be ablet to get our hands on whatever we can get at the moment.


So lets talk about this PMC 5.56:

What is it?

Well its PMC X-Tac 5.56 63grn Green Tip ammo.


IS there a limit to how much we can buy?

No, we are not like other shops. No limit and first come first serve.

This stuff is moving fast, we have brought in 5 cases of this and by the time I got down to write this blog we already sold a little under 4 cases of it. Maybe its because we don’t limit how much a custom can buy? Or maybe its just cause we are such a small shop and specialize mainly in cerakote application? Well we don’t really now. But we listened to our customers, you all asked for ammo so were bringing it in for you.

Do we have others coming in?

Yes, we have an order for the following:

9mm HP

380 HP

308 match grade

308 bulk, ammo cans with roughly 200 rnds

308 (20rnd box)

Whats next ?





Caliber – 5.56mm
Product Line – X-TAC
Bullet Type – LAP
Weight (grains) – 62
Ballistic Coefficient – 0.304
Bullet Length (inch) – 0.923
Sectional Density (lb/In^2) – 0.177
Velocity-Muzzle – 3100
Velocity-100 Yds – 2762
Velocity-200 Yds – 2449
Velocity-300 Yds – 2157
Velocity-400 Yds – 1885
Velocity-500 Yds – 1637
Energy at Muzzle (ft.lbs.) – 1323

PMC 5.56 62gr greentip

9mm Ammo Back In Stock!

We are happy to write that we currently have a reliable supply for 9MM ammo (fingers crossed that I didn’t just jynx us.) If you are a regular customer of our then you know we have had 9mm ammo in stock for the past month or two, For everyone else…. Surprise we have 9mm!

So, what 9mm do we have? That’s the big question right.


ZQI is the 9mm ammo we have been able to bring in. For the last month or two we have brought in the Traditional 9mm Nato cartridge. This is a brass case, 124gr round, manufactured to NATO specifications. With an average velocity of 1,214 FPS at 16m, these rounds are accurate and perfect for practice and competition.

Order you ZQI 9mm NATO here: HERE

Bullet Weight: 124 gr

Powder Type: Smokeless

Bullet Jacket Material: Brass

Bullet Core Material: Lead-antimony alloy

Case Material: Brass, Reloadable

Primer Type: Boxer

Average Velocity: 1,214 fps @ 16 m

Accuracy: Max. mean radius 2.99 in @ 46 m

ZQi 9mm NATO Ammunition is manufactured to NATO specifications, specifically STANAG 4090. This means it is able to stand up to critical military standards and can be used by NATO forces. The ZQI 9mm NATO ammunition has been flying off our shelves lately. Customers have been purchasing it for normal range practice ammunition as well as a few competition shooting.

9mm Nickel Plated Steel

We also decided to bring in some Nickel Plated steel ammunition. This 9mm Nickel Plated Steel Case features a brass jacketed, lead core projectile that is not drawn to a magnet, and a mirror-like nickel-plated steel case for optimal feeding and reliability. ZQI has tested this ammunition in everything from small, concealed carry pistols to there full auto MP5s, and have yet to find a gun that doesn’t like it. ZQI recently featured on TFB TV’s YouTube channel.

Order you ZQI 9mm Nickel Plated Steel: HERE

Bullet Weight: 124 gr

Powder Type: Smokeless

Bullet Jacket Material: Brass

Bullet Core Material: Lead-antimony alloy

Case Material: steel

Primer Type: Boxer

Average Velocity: 1,214 fps @ 16 m

Accuracy: Max. mean radius 2.99 in @ 46 m

ZQi Ammunition Nickle Plated


Introducing our very first receiver set. Our BP80 receiver set is made from T6 6061 aluminum and ready for the enduser to complete. Before we get into the details lets start with the name. What the F does the BP stand for? Well BP stands for Bad Panda. If you haven’t noticed, we kind of have this whole Panda theme going on. We are based in Cali, which as many of you know don’t really like this industry. Hence the Bad part of the name. This translates to one of the engravings we have on the lower. “Behind Enemy Lines” is located right under the Cali bear on both sides. This speaks for its self so why go on. Mag well features our logo and our OG Operator Panda. Selector Features, Sad Panda, Happy Panda, and Trashed Panda.

Our upper receiver is a slick side upper, No forward assist and no ejection port door. A lightening cut out in featured on the top. “Send Bachelors and Come Heavily Armed” a tribute to those that are willing to stand up for the American Constitution.



Purchase your set now before the sell out: https://www.rbarmsusa.com/product/bp80-set/

New Site…. Same Company…

Well, if you’re reading this it is no surprise we have a new site. Thanks to our great customers for supporting us over the last couple of years to help us build and grow as a company. Our Cerakote is in full swing and we are currently at a 4 week turnaround time. We are growing our parts and accessories selection to bring in a wide variety of products for many different platforms.

When we started this was all a dream. We started with custom Cerakoted tumblers. These were largely bulk orders and for the first year to year and a half, it was our bread and butter. It is safe to say, we are sick of tumblers. We still enjoy doing them but that first year we must have painted well over 1000 tumblers. These were bulk runs, 50-100 and a time. We were both working our day jobs so there were some late nights and a lot of paint being sprayed.

Quickly the word got out about us in our area and we were mixing firearms with tumblers. With the growth came customers looking for parts to complete their builds, which turned into a small part selection in-house. With the whole Shopify fiasco where they kicked all the firearms companies off, the timing couldn’t be worse. We quickly ran to a new provider and made the website work. We designed it our self, quick in a hurry, and the inventory was almost always incorrect. This created many issues and a lot of canceled orders. We were not proud of this and we pushed for a new site. Hence the one you are looking at.

Present day Operations…

Currently, our Cerakote operation has grown in so many directions. Not only are we doing our tumblers, and firearms but we have moved into the computer industry, movie/film industry, and we even have some parts in for an ATV (these will be fun). Seems like every week we are bringing in new parts for not only the site but also for our walk-in customer.

We hooked up with a great guy who helped us build this new site. Of course, we had to work with another veteran, We will always strive to work with fellow veterans. After a few months of talking and some changes here and there, we have the new site. We will continue to make changes and tweaks not only as we grow but as our customers continue to give us feedback. We will have better control of our inventory and continue to bring in new products and build on what we have started.

We are looking forward to 2021…. We hope you are.