About R&B Arms

“We are a company made of 50% veteran, 50% civilian but 100% American.”
R&B Arms Team

About R&B Arms

Manufactured behind enemy lines

RB ARMS specializes in AR15 and AR10 parts for the moment but we are quickly introducing new products. We are a company made of 50% veteran, 50% civilian but 100% American. RB ARMS is more than a Firearms manufacturer. We are a lifestyle that supports the American way of life. Located deep behind enemy lines in California, RB ARMS was created by two friends and their love for firearms and all things American. Together we strive to make innovative, out-of-the-box products to help improve performance of multiple firearm platforms.

How It All Began

building a customer choice cerakote shop

With the help from family, we were able to get our start and built the cerakote shop in Santa Clarita, California. Limited to only our ideas, we strive to push each other to produce the best one-off projects that we can do.
“Together, we strive to bring your custom ideas to life with our Custom Cerakote application.”
R&B Arms Team
"R&B Arms is known for making one off unique Cerakoted applications. "
R&B Arms Team

Why R&B Arms

Making one-off unique cerakoted application

With our stencils created in house and hand laid, we ensure no two products will ever look the same. This way your project is unique to you and nothing generic that anyone can go and purchase.

Don’t want something crazy? Want something simple single color? That is not a problem, with well over 350 cerakote colors we will be able to help you pick out the best color to fit your project.

We are a By Appointment Company

Are you tired of trying to create a custom project only to get interrupted my customers asking questions? Not with us. Contact us and we can set up a time to have a one on one conversation to ensure we get your custom project correct. This allows us to get the creative ideas flowing as well and show examples of our work or pull us references from the web. Color selection is key so during this appointment we can look at different color swatches to make sure we are choosing the exact colors you desire.

Main Office Location

Walk-ins are accepted but by appointment is preferred in order to give the best customer service.

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