WTF is a blog post

WTF is a blog post

A Blog? What is a Blog? Honestly I have no clue how to write a blog or what the point of a blog really is. Ok I lie a little, I do understand what it is. Its where someone types a lot of words on some platform explaining how great a product is a explaining something about something. Its supposed to be filled with a bunch of keywords and help drive traffic to your website right? Well in all honestly im not very good at putting words to paper. But my marketing guy has been telling me for a while now that I need to do more blogs posts, and a few other things, so here we go with this blog stuff.

Is anyone even reading this thing?

2021-yea it was a great year for us. We grew drastically. One of the big changes for us was the addition on ammo sales. We really increased our ammo in 2021 and it paid off. We wanted to continue the push into 2022 and that was one of the main plans.

2022- hit and it started with a Bang, literally a bang. We were broken into and these dam F-tards stole $13g worth of products from us. We found out later that they hit 5 other stores. The $13g they got from us was the smallest score out of all the other shops so things could have been a lot worse.

Our focus quickly changed from purchasing larger ammo supplies to upgrading security at our shop. With a few improvements already made and a few still in the works, we are on our way to getting back on our feet. Soon we will be back into the full swing of things with our Ammo supply. We have a few different calibers on hold of us till our improvements are complete and if you join out Ammo Email list you will be one of the firsts to know.

Our complete uppers will be back on track soon. And so will our completed glock and sig slides. New back plate color options are in stock. And soon we will have mag bases to match. Hopefully a new clothing line with help really push us over the edge this year.

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