What are Goat Guns?


What are Goat Guns?

Goat Guns are miniature, scaled versions of your favorite firearms. Each model is crafted for accuracy and a realistic feel. Perfect for the gun lover and a great addition to any desk or coffee table.

Full kits are ready for you to assemble with parts that either snap or screw together. Each miniature Goat Gun model weighs between 8 and 16 ounces, ranges in size from 4″ to 15″, and has intricate working parts.

What are Goat Guns?
What are Goat Guns?

Great Gift Idea:

Goat Guns make for a perfect gift for any gun enthusiast. With several different models to pick from were sure you will find one that you will like, we mean to give as a gift of course. Goat Guns also are the perfect way to trigger any anti gun loving &^*$. Whats better than pissing off a co-worker with a goat gun sitting on your desk?


With a wide range of accessories you can personalize your Goat Gun to match your personal one. different grips for the 1911 are available as well as a wide range of optics for the AR15. Drums for the AK and many more.

How to Buy a Goat Gun

Visit our local shop in Santa Clarita to view our selection of Goat Guns, or shop for Goat Guns online by viewing our current selections. They sell out pretty quickly, so check back often for updated inventories. 

If you’re looking for a specific model, contact us and let us know. We’ll see if we can help find one for you.

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