Custom cerakote

Custom Cerakote - What is Cerakote?

From Mild to Wild

Cerakote-certified applicators providing custom cerakote application for any project.

We love doing one-off custom cerakote creations where we get the freedom to try new things. But we are more than happy to do single color cerakote applications as well. All our projects were done uniquely by hands, meaning we add our own personal touch to each project. No two project will ever be the same. Why pay more for a project that your best friend can have? We are also happy to apply Cerakote to any project. We not only have experience with firearms but computers, motorcycles, tools, tumblers, and so much more.

Factory Trained and Certified

Custom Cerakote Applicators

R&B Arms is known for making one off unique Cerakoted applications. With our stencils created in house and hand laid, we ensure no two products will ever look the same. This way your project is unique to you and nothing generic that anyone can go and purchase.

Don’t want something crazy? Want something simple single color? That is not a problem, with well over 350 cerakote colors we will be able to help you pick out the best color to fit your project.

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