Stippling Application

We have brought back our ever-changing, ever-improving custom stippling. We were tired of those long lead times and the constant outsourcing. We Brought it in-house. As with all things R&B Arms, we start with you the customer. We discuss what you are looking for and start with the basics, the type of pattern and the flow of the handgun.

Basic Packages start at $150

Hourglass pattern +$50

Basket weave +$50

Lazy Leaf +$50

Wrinkle +$25

Glock finger groove removal + $25

Our Patterns

Basic - Low Back

Our Low Back Pattern features stippling that says out of the beaver tail area. This allows for a smooth beaver tail area that will not dig into the web of your hand. This is a full wrap pattern with a boarder that is created on top of your frame. No cutting into your frame to create a boarder.


Two Tone

Custom Two Tone features a custom dyed or cerakote frame. Then the coating is removed to show off the original color for the cerakote.

Cerakote frame +$85

Dyed frame +50


Basic - High Back

Our basic high back pattern features stippling that goes up the beaver tail area to add an extra layer of grip. This is a full wrap that is not cut into the frame. We create a boarder that sits ontop of your frame for a sharp defined grip area.



Our textures


Sprinkle Texture

Aggressive rating: 7






All our stippling projects come with our standard sprinkle pattern unless our customers request a different pattern.

Hour Glass Texture

Aggressive rating: 5



Aggressive Rating: 5

Our Process

After a few years of talking to different stipplers and getting stood up, we decided to bring the service in-house. We use to stipple years ago and now we are getting back into it in order to provide better service for our customers and better control of turn around times.

Make sure you check out our pre-stippled packages here.

Why Stipple Your Firearm?

Stippling your firearm can be done for many reasons. The main reason is for better grip. Many stock frames have a smooth and slippery surface, stippling your frame with a more aggressive texture will/can help with better grip, especially in slippery conditions. So stippling provides a little texture and adds to the tacticool feature. When selecting a texture it is best to contact the stippler and talk to them about the different textures and what might be best for them.

How it Works

If You're Local:

Give us a call and lets set up appointment, or just come on by during our normal business hours. If you are interested in a camo or a theme an appointment is best. This way we can dedicate more time to go over your project. we can talk about colors and themes in more depth.

Not Local? Follow these Steps:

Step One

Send us an email regarding you custom plan. Be Specific. Please specify all parts you are sending. If item is disassembled please provide inventory list. Be specific on colors or pattern chosen, Reference pictures always help. If items are send from home please provide copy of drivers license, if send from FFL, please send copy of FFL.

Step Two

Send your items to:

RB Arms

28524 Constellation Rd
Valencia, CA 91355

Step Three

Once Items are received a invoice will be created as well as a customer account regarding your order. Upon completion of your order you will be contacted for payment. Once payment is complete we will send your items back to you.

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