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Customize your Glock with our Glock back plate, Also known as Glock striker locking plate.Select from one of our pre-designed glock striker locking plates or design your own. We are always creating & adding new styles of Glock back plates to our lineup. View our current stock below to purchase now, or contact us for special requests.

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What are custom Glock back plates?

Glock back plates are pieces that go on the back of a Glock pistol. They are also called slide cover plates. A back plate, or slide cover plate, is easily removed or affixed to the rear of the Glock slide. Straight from the factory these back plates are plain black, but can be swapped out with custom back plates to give your Glock a unique look.

Why should you get custom Glock back plates?

Adding a custom Glock back plate will make your pistol stand out and give it a look that you prefer. It is a great way to customize your Glock. It can also be used to commemorate a special occasion, such as graduation. A custom Glock back plate is a great idea for any Glock owner that wants to make their pistol unique and stand out. Custom slide cover plates are also used to help gun owners quickly identify which model the gun is as Glocks all look very similar.

There are many different types of materials that are used, such as metal (aluminum), plastic, or carbon fiber, which can give the Glock an entirely new look. They can also be stamped, made with laser engraving, or finished with Cerakote.

How to order custom Glock back plates / Slide Cover Plates

Ready to order a custom Glock back plate?

R&B Arms delivers exclusive back plates for Glock customization. We recommend you browse our inventory to see everything we have to offer as we release new products and custom back plates regularly. Choose the unique slide cover plates for your Glock and we’ll package it up and get it shipped off fast. Each design is created in-house, meeting high-quality standards, and is the perfect fit for most Glock models, and is available through our shop at a competitive price.

Rest assured that all of our custom Glock parts are made of the highest quality and our customer satisfaction is a top-priority. Shop confidently when you purchase anything from our online store or in-person at our Santa Clarita shop location.

Looking for a certain style of back plate or something custom?

Contact us about your next order and ask about custom plates for your Glock.