5 Important Questions and Answers When Buying a Gun: What You Need to Know

5 Important Questions and Answers When Buying a Gun: What You Need to Know

Buying a gun can be confusing. There are so many options, and it’s hard to know which one is best for you. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have been hunting your whole life, these questions and answers will help guide the process. 

What are the most important things to consider when buying a gun? 

There are several questions you need to be asking yourself before you go out and buy your first firearm. 

What is my purpose for wanting this firearm?

Your needs will vary by the intended purpose of the firearm. 

Handguns/pistols are easier to carry and handle (can be shot with one hand if needed) and are great options for self-defense and protection of your home and loved ones. 

Shotguns are great for skeet shooting and hunting birds and are sometimes recommended for home defense due to their ease of use. 

Rifles are designed for long-range hunting and precision shooting as they are more accurate than handguns and shotguns.

Where will I use it more often, on land or in water?

If you’re purchasing your firearm for hunting then you’ll want to know the area you’ll primarily be hunting in. Certain brands and models are known to perform better in different settings. Knowing exactly what you’ll be using the gun for and where you’ll be using it will help you and the firearm sales person identify the proper options of brands and models.

How much can I spend on it initially?

As with most things, you’ll find that the cost of purchasing a gun varies greatly. You can get a used or entry-level firearm for a few hundred dollars. You can also easily invest several thousand dollars into a firearm that is of higher quality and made for specific purposes.

Setting your budget before you shop will help you narrow down your options and keep you from spending too much on a firearm.

How often do I plan to use it?

Guns intended for home defense and personal training may get used a few times a year at the gun range, and hopefully, it never has to be used for its intended purpose (protecting you or your loved one from someone else). In that case, your firearm can last a long time with minimal upkeep.

Firearms used for hunting may need a lot of maintenance and cleaning to ensure performance and reliability over the years. Lower quality guns and cheaper options may not handle this type of usage over the years. In which case, you may consider investing a little more into a firearm that will be used a lot.

What else do I need when buying a gun?

At a minimum, you’ll need ammunition. You should buy enough to enable you to train with the firearm and keep some ready for your home defense or next hunting trip.

Buying a gun, don't forget the ammo

You may want to invest in a cleaning kit and a case with a locking mechanism (required for transportation in some areas and when flying). Most firearms come with a basic case, so you may just need to purchase a lock.

Those are the basics of what you’ll need. Most people don’t stop at the basics, though, and there are many ways you can customize your firearms. If you’re buying a handgun, be sure to check out our post 7 Surefire Ways to Customize Your Glock to get a feel for all the possible ways you can customize your gun. 

Are you ready to buy your gun?

For many people, buying their first gun is an exciting experience. With the right questions asked and answered, you can make sure that it’s a great purchase for your needs. We hope to have given you some good information in this post about what you need to know when purchasing your first firearm. If not or if there are any other questions we haven’t addressed here, please reach out! Our firearms experts will be happy to answer them or help with anything else at R&B Arms

What do you think? Have these 5 tips helped give clarity on how to buy a handgun? Let us know by commenting below–we love hearing from our readers.

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