AR15 Complete Uppers

AR15 Complete Uppers

AR15 Complete Uppers

R&B ARMS AR15 Complete Uppers have started.

Over the last year many of our customers have requested that we offer a line of built uppers. Well after a year we finally did it! Before we talk about them lets talk about what took us so long to do this. Well its simple, even sense the beginning we wanted to create our own line of barrels, BCGs, uppers and rails. AS we grew with did create our own line of a few of those. Barrels and BCGs to be specific. Because we have this grand view of having our own rails and other parts we never build a complete upper. Well all that has ended. We have decided to offer complete builds using some of the industry leading companies until our own line is finally rolled out.

So lets talk about our complete uppers. We will start with 4 different styles, The Basic (BV) series, the Operator (OV) series, The precision (PV) series and the Teri 1 (T1V) Series. Know that we told you the name, lets jump into the different series.

The Basic (BV) series:

The basic series is in introductory upper. Designed to not break the bank but with no corners cut. This line will offer a fixed front sight (A2 style), Various rail/handguard options as the Basic Series line grows. A standard A2 bird cage will finish off the barrel. Some in this line will feature minor upgrades such as different charging handles, back up Iron sights and various others.

The Operator (OV) Series:

This series will offer a free float handguard system and various Optic/sight options. Anbi charging handles. Various gas operating lengths. These will be muzzle device ready uppers. What does that mean Muzzle device ready? Well it means were not going to stick on a A2 bird cage for you to remove and put a better muzzle device on it. Why buy an upper just to have to remove and replace parts on it. This way you can add your favorite muzzle device for your build. Of course some builds in this line will come with a Muzzle device but for the most part, most will be Muzzle device ready.

The precision (PV) series:

This line is going to be the longer barrel builds. The builds that are designed to reach out and touch those far targets. We will see a few 224 valkyrie builds maybe even some 6.5 gren builds in this category. Free float handguards, standard or large latch charging handle and maybe even a few options with bipods. Muzzle devices will be critical on these builds but don’t worry we have something planned for them.

The Teir 1 (TV1) Series:

Now these are the “Fun” builds the complete system. This line is still in the works and final but this line will have all the bells and whistles. Optics, foregrips, hand stops, lights lasers and maybe even a bike horn to wake everyone up.

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AR15 Complete Uppers
AR15 Complete Uppers
AR15 Complete Uppers

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