Goat Guns

Goat Guns

Goat Guns are back! Your favorite toy gun is back in the shop!

With the new shop allowing for new space, I am stepping up the goat gun inventory. My new shop is at 28524 constellation Rd, Valencia CA 91355.

So What are Goat Guns?

They are collector miniature gun models. These hefty little things weigh between 8 to 16 ounces and range from 4″ to 15″ in length.

Nicknamed the ‘Manly toy’, each model has intricate, working parts. They  come in build kits with parts that snap or screw together. They make the perfect desktop piece for any workspace, or a perfect gift to piss off your anti gun loving family member.

These Models are at 1:3 scale.


Goat Guns
Goat Guns



These Non-ejecting, non-firing models come in at 13in and 14oz. A 1:3 model that comes with three rounds. This model comes in 4 different colors. Select from Black, Camo, Olive and Gold.

The Miniature Barret Model 82A1 .50 Cal is a perfect gift for any gun lover.

Purchase yours here: https://www.rbarmsusa.com/shop/goat-guns/goatguns-miniature-barrett-82a1/



The miniature 1911 is a 1:2.5 scale model of the World War Champ 1911. A non-ejecting, non-firing, trigger squeezing die cast model is a great gift.

This model is offered in Black, Silver, Coyote, and Blue. 

Purchase yours today: https://www.rbarmsusa.com/shop/goat-guns/goatguns-miniature-1911/

GoatGuns Miniature 1911

Shop the entire selection of Goat guns here: https://www.rbarmsusa.com/product-category/goat-guns/

With the ever growing line up of Goat Guns make sure to look back from time to time to see the newest model release by Goat Guns.

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