New BP80 Receiver Set

New BP80 Receiver Set

Introducing our very first receiver set. Our New BP80 receiver set is made from T6 6061 aluminum and ready for the end-user to complete.

Before we get into the details let’s start with the name. What the F does the BP stand for? Well BP stands for Bad Panda. If you haven’t noticed, we kind of have this whole Panda theme going on. We are based in Cali, which as many of you know don’t really like this industry. Hence the Bad part of the name. This translates to one of the engravings we have on the lower. “Behind Enemy Lines” is located right under the Cali bear on both sides. This speaks for itself; so why go on?

Mag well features our logo and our OG Operator Panda. Selector Features, Sad Panda, Happy Panda, and Trashed Panda.

Our upper receiver is a slick side upper, with No forward assist, and no ejection port door. A lightning cut-out is featured on the top. “Send Bachelors and Come Heavily Armed” is a tribute to those that are willing to stand up for the American Constitution.



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