New Site for 2021

New Site…. Same Company…

New Site for 2021

Well, if you’re reading this it is no surprise we have a new site. Thanks to our great customers for supporting us over the last couple of years to help us build and grow as a company. Our Cerakote is in full swing and we are currently at a 4 week turnaround time. We are growing our parts and accessories selection to bring in a wide variety of products for many different platforms.

When we started this was all a dream. We started with custom Cerakoted tumblers. These were largely bulk orders and for the first year to year and a half, it was our bread and butter. It is safe to say, we are sick of tumblers. We still enjoy doing them but that first year we must have painted well over 1000 tumblers. These were bulk runs, 50-100 and a time. We were both working our day jobs so there were some late nights and a lot of paint being sprayed.

Quickly the word got out about us in our area and we were mixing firearms with tumblers. With the growth came customers looking for parts to complete their builds, which turned into a small part selection in-house. With the whole Shopify fiasco where they kicked all the firearms companies off, the timing couldn’t be worse. We quickly ran to a new provider and made the website work. We designed it our self, quick in a hurry, and the inventory was almost always incorrect. This created many issues and a lot of canceled orders. We were not proud of this and we pushed for a new site. Hence the one you are looking at.

Present day Operations…

Currently, our Cerakote operation has grown in so many directions. Not only are we doing our tumblers, and firearms but we have moved into the computer industry, movie/film industry, and we even have some parts in for an ATV (these will be fun). Seems like every week we are bringing in new parts for not only the site but also for our walk-in customer at our Santa Clarita location.

We hooked up with a great guy who helped us build this new site. Of course, we had to work with another veteran, We will always strive to work with fellow veterans. After a few months of talking and some changes here and there, we have the new site. We will continue to make changes and tweaks not only as we grow but as our customers continue to give us feedback. We will have better control of our inventory and continue to bring in new products and build on what we have started.

We are looking forward to 2021…. We hope you are.

New Site for 2021

2 thoughts on “New Site for 2021”

  1. Big Daddy Super Koala

    Excited to see you guys move onward and upward! Keep up the great work! Love seeing all the unique cerakote jobs you produce!

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