GoatGuns Miniature 1911

Goat Guns Miniature 1911


GoatGuns Miniature 1911


Authentic die-cast metal parts on our 1:2.5 scale version of the 1911. Your thumb safety and slide actions all work. 1911 model will be picked up more than your phone. Designed after a historic classic, you’ll be proud to showcase this dime off. Set it on your office desk and you’ll find yourself fidgeting with it during all the downtime.

  • Magazine release with loadable dummy rounds
  • Locking Slide moves back
  • Double safety mechanism
  • Closed barrel, not capable of firing. Does not load round.


3.9″ / 10cm in length. Flat polished black with wood pattern grips. Other grip colors available.

4″ / 10cm in length. Bright Tiffany Blue with crisp Ivory grips against black parts.

3.9″ / 10cm in length. Darker coyote tan matte finish with flat black actions and black grips.


Instructions included.  Expect 5-10 to assemble.  Can build up and break down as wanted.

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Black, Coyote, Blue


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