Armscor Precision 22 Long Rifle Ammo 36 Grain High Velocity Hollow Point – 50 rnd box

Armscor Precision 22 Long Rifle Ammo 36 Grain High Velocity Hollow Point-50 rnd box


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Armscor Precision 22 Long Rifle Ammo 36 Grain High Velocity Hollow Point-50 rnd box

Armscor Precision .22 Long Rifle Ammo, featuring a 36-grain High Velocity Hollow Point (HP) bullet, is a reliable and versatile choice for various shooting applications. Here’s a detailed product description:

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1,247 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 130 ft lbs

Key Features:

  1. Caliber: This ammunition is chambered in .22 Long Rifle (LR), a popular and widely used rimfire cartridge known for its versatility, affordability, and low recoil.
  2. Bullet Weight: The 36-grain hollow point bullet strikes a balance between velocity and terminal performance. The hollow point design is intended to promote controlled expansion upon impact, making it suitable for small game hunting and varmint control.
  3. High Velocity: The ammunition is categorized as high velocity, meaning it achieves faster muzzle velocities compared to standard velocity .22 LR ammunition. This added velocity can be advantageous for hunting and target shooting at longer ranges.
  4. Hollow Point Design: The hollow point bullet is designed to expand upon impact, creating a larger wound cavity and enhancing its effectiveness on small game animals and pests.
  5. Reliability: Armscor is a reputable manufacturer known for producing reliable ammunition. Each round is manufactured to meet quality and consistency standards, ensuring reliable performance.
  6. Versatile Use: The .22 LR caliber is suitable for a wide range of shooting activities, including target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, and pest control. The high velocity and hollow point design make it particularly effective for dispatching varmints.
  7. Boxer-Primed Brass Cases: The ammunition is loaded in boxer-primed brass cases, which are reloadable for those who prefer to handload their ammunition. This feature adds value to the ammunition for reloaders.
  8. Affordability: .22 LR ammunition is typically more affordable compared to centerfire cartridges, making it a cost-effective option for shooters who want to maximize their shooting enjoyment without breaking the bank.

Armscor Precision .22 Long Rifle Ammo with a 36-grain High Velocity Hollow Point bullet is a versatile and dependable choice for various shooting activities. Its high velocity, hollow point design, and reliability make it well-suited for small game hunting, target shooting, and pest control. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a beginner looking to enjoy the benefits of .22 LR caliber firearms, this ammunition offers a cost-effective and effective solution for your shooting needs.

Order your 22LR rounds from R&B Arms online. If you have questions about ordering ammo, be sure to check out our ammo FAQ page.


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