Smith and Wesson Shield – optics cut – Modified RMSc

Smith and Wesson Shield – optics cut – Modified RMSc


  • 6-32 threads
  • cut depth of .135in


Smith and Wesson Shield – optics cut – Modified RMSc


The Shield RMS (or RMSc) Optic Cut is a standalone upgrade designed specifically for the S&W M&P Shield9 or M&P Shield40, allowing you to mount a optic with a  RMS/RMSc footprint directly to your slide using the included #6-32 screws that come with your optic. This precision CNC machined optic cut features a pocket located in front of the factory rear sight dovetail, ensuring a secure fit for your optic.

One of the key advantages of this optic cut is its ability to keep your factory sights ensuring a back up option encase the optic gets damaged.

It’s important to note that this product includes the Optic Cut only, providing you with a streamlined solution to upgrade your firearm with a RMS/RMSc footprint without unnecessary extras. This makes it a practical choice for shooters looking to enhance their M&P Shield’s performance with a precision-mounted optic.


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