RTIC Lowballer 12oz -Rave Edition

RTIC Lowballer 12oz -Rave Edition


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RTIC Lowballer 12oz -Rave Edition

RTIC Lowballer 12oz -Rave Edition is a custom cerakoted tumbler featuring the UV cerakote. UV cerakote glows under a black light. We start with a traditional Stainless steel RTIC tumbler and add our custom cerakote touches to it. a black cerakote layer with UV splatter.

12oz. RTIC Lowballs are stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulated. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer – works great for hot beverages. The RTIC Lowball is perfect for a cup of coffee, whiskey, scotch or your favorite cocktail.  The flip-top closure resists spills and is straw friendly. Easy to clean.


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