MAGTECH 45ACP 230GR FMJ 50rnd box


MAGTECH 45ACP 230GR FMJ 50rnd box

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MAGTECH 45ACP 230GR FMJ 50rnd box


Full Metal Jacket projectiles are the ideal choice for training, target shooting and general range use. Magtech FMJ ammunition delivers reliable, accurate performance on the range. Available in a wide variety of calibers and bullet weights along with supersonic and subsonic options where applicable.

  • Symbol: MP45A
  • Bullet Type: FMJ
  • Bullet Weight (GR): 230
  • Case: Brass
  • Primer: Large Pistol Primer 2 1/2
  • Ballistic Coeficient: 0.194
MP45A Velocity Energy Trajectory
fps ft.lbs inch
Muzzle 837 358 ——
50 Yards 808 333 3.1-
100 Yards 781 311 19.5-
Test Barrel Length: 5 inch


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