Aguila 6.5CM 129G interlock BTSP 20Rnd box

Aguila 6.5CM 129G interlock BTSP 20Rnd box


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Aguila 6.5CM 129G interlock BTSP 20Rnd box


Experience superior performance and lethal accuracy with Aguila 6.5CM 129G Interlock BTSP ammunition. Designed to deliver unparalleled precision and terminal ballistics, this ammunition is a game-changer for hunters and precision shooters.

Each round is meticulously crafted with a 129-grain Interlock Boat Tail Soft Point (BTSP) bullet, known for its reliable expansion and controlled penetration upon impact. The Interlock design ensures the jacket and core remain bonded, delivering devastating stopping power while minimizing the risk of over-penetration.

Ideal for hunting big game and long-range shooting, the Aguila 6.5CM 129G Interlock BTSP ammunition offers consistent performance and accuracy shot after shot. Its exceptional ballistics and high-quality construction make it a top choice for both seasoned hunters and precision shooters.

This 20-round box provides ample ammunition for extended shooting sessions or hunting trips, ensuring you have enough rounds to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Aguila, known for its commitment to quality and performance, brings you this reliable and lethal ammunition option. The 6.5CM 129G Interlock BTSP is the ammunition you can trust to make your shots count and maximize your hunting or shooting experience.

Upgrade your shooting capabilities with Aguila 6.5CM 129G Interlock BTSP ammunition and witness the difference in precision and performance. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence when it comes to your ammunition—choose Aguila and elevate your shooting to new heights.


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