GoatGuns Miniature AR15

Goat Guns Miniature AR15


GoatGuns Miniature AR15


All Metal parts on our 1:3 scale toy AR15 model. Users can modify into other variants our attachments. Build up, break down and then display proudly to friends and family.

  • Comes with mini suppressor (black only)
  • Short Holographic sight, Angled grip, new AR Grip, anti slip mag and Milspec stock. (Coyote Model)
  • Adjustable sight on Picatinny rails
  • Charging handle pulls back
  • Ejection port opens / closes
  • Metal mag with functioning release


  • BLACK measures in at 11″ / 28cm. It is 1/3 scale from a regular AR15. It weighs in at 13 ounces.
  • COYOTE¬†measures in at 10.5″ / 26cm and 3.5″ without being on display base. It is 1:3 scale from a regular AR15. It weighs in at 12 ounces.


  • Comes in an assembly kit. Upper & lower + barrel already assembled. Expect a fun 5 minutes to snap parts into place. (Our fastest build has been done in 21 seconds!).¬† Instructions provided.

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Black, Coyote, USA


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