RBA – AR15 Billet QD End Plate – Phosphate

RBA – AR15 Billet QD End Plate – Phosphate


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RBA – AR15 Billet QD End Plate – Phosphate

The AR15 Billet QD End Plate in Phosphate is a specialized accessory designed for AR-15 style rifles. Let’s break down its key features and benefits:

1. Billet Construction: The term “billet” refers to the manufacturing process of CNC machining a solid piece of metal, typically aluminum, into the desired shape. This results in a durable and precisely crafted end plate.

2. Quick-Detach (QD) Sling Attachment: The primary function of this end plate is to provide a secure point for attaching a quick-detach sling to your AR-15 rifle. Quick-detach swivels allow for the rapid attachment and removal of slings, making it convenient for transitioning between different shooting positions or carrying methods.

3. Phosphate Finish: The term “phosphate” in this context typically refers to a manganese or zinc phosphate coating applied to the metal. This finish offers several benefits, including corrosion resistance, improved lubricity, and enhanced durability. It also provides a matte, non-reflective appearance.

4. Compatibility: The AR15 Billet QD End Plate is designed to fit most AR-15 lower receivers, making it a versatile accessory for the platform.

5. Enhanced Functionality: Adding a QD end plate to your AR-15 rifle enhances its versatility. It allows you to quickly switch between single-point and two-point sling configurations, which can be advantageous for different shooting situations and preferences.

6. Sling Control: A well-designed QD end plate can help keep your sling securely attached, reducing the chances of it accidentally detaching during use.

7. Easy Installation: Most QD end plates are relatively easy to install and typically require only basic tools. They replace the standard end plate on your AR-15 lower receiver and can be a straightforward DIY upgrade.

In summary, the AR15 Billet QD End Plate in Phosphate is a valuable accessory for AR-15 enthusiasts looking to enhance the functionality and versatility of their rifle. Its quick-detach sling attachment point, durable billet construction, and phosphate finish make it a practical addition to your firearm setup, allowing for rapid transitions between different shooting positions and carrying methods. Please note that specific product details and compatibility may vary depending on the manufacturer, so always ensure that the product you choose is compatible with your AR-15 configuration.



  • High quality 4140 steel construction
  • Single QD swivel socket
  • Fits: AR-15 or LR308 Carbine Buffer Tubes
  • Phosphate Coated
  • Weight: .3 oz
  • Made in the USA
Weight .5 lbs


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