STRIKE Mini King Comp for .223/5.56

STRIKE Mini King Comp for .223/5.56


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STRIKE Mini King Comp for .223/5.56

The Strike Industries Mini King Comp .223/5.56 brings the proven performance of the full-size King Comp in a more compact, lighter package designed for the .223/ 5.56 caliber. The Mini King Comp retains the full range of features of the King Comp but in a single chamber format. The large single baffle captures the vented gasses, producing a net force forward of the shooter that helps mitigate recoil. The ports work to stabilize the muzzle end for faster follow-up shots while dampening felt recoil on the shooter to maintain a pleasant overall shooting experience. The end of the Mini KING comp features the “crown” of standoff tines that gives the compensator its name. While .223/5.56 carbines are known for low recoil and ease of weapon manipulation, you can still find an edge in performance with the Strike Industries Mini King Comp.

Package Includes
-x1 Mini King Comp
-x1 Crush washer

Product Features:
-Tuned for recoil reduction without sacrificing performance
-1/2×28″ thread pitch
-Compact single chamber design for .223/5.56 caliber
-Standoff tines
-Precision machined 416 stainless steel
-Black nitrided
-Compatible with Oppressor


WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information:


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