Strike Industries Cloak Flash Hider for .223/5.56

Strike Industries Cloak Flash Hider for .223/5.56


Strike Industries Cloak Flash Hider for .223/5.56

Strike Industries presents the CLOAK Flash Hider. The improved design is even more compact than our previous VENOM and disperses combustion more effectively with its intuitive design.

With its wider geometry, the CLOAK is even more efficient at dispersing gas flow making any flash from the rifle barely visible, especially in low light conditions.

The Cloak flash hider will significantly reduce any muzzle flash so that your night vision won’t need to constantly readjust. No loss of low light or night vision will allow you to quickly follow up on the same target position, and increase your situational awareness whether at the range or out in the field.

Crafted from solid 45 C steel for enhanced durability and simply threads onto your barrel, requiring no modification for installation.


Package includes:
– 1x Cloak Flash Hider
– 1x Crush washer

– Aggressive style with an advanced design featuring four prongs with serrated points.
– The SI Cloak-FH was engineered to create instant airflow to eliminate gas combustion.
– Available in .223
– Wire-Cutter Capable



.223/5.56, .308/7.62


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