Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip

Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip


Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip


The Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip lineup comes in three different angles to suit any shooter’s needs. Now available with an improved grip texture for more positive handling of the rifle. The grip is more streamlined and tapered where the webbing of the hand goes to allow more range of movement of the firing hand when accessing the controls. It has enough width in the palm area to maximize comfort during extended use. Each grip features a comfortable beaver tail and secure storage underneath with an included rubber endcap.

-AR-15 and AR-10 lower receivers
-Optional Strike Pistol Grip Plug Tool Holder

Disclaimer: 1 grip per package. Product does not come with all three grip angles.

The 25-degree grip has an aggressive angle similar to the traditional A2 grip. It’s meant for the traditional rifleman grip where the shooter would stand bladed and the shooting elbow is canted outwards.

Package Contents:
-x1 Enhanced Pistol Grip (Product DOES NOT come with 3 grips. Each grip angle sold separately.)
-x1 mounting screw and washer set

Product Features:
-Streamlined profile
-Aggressive texture
-Fits a variety of hand sizes
-Meets a variety of needs with the 3 angles available.

Grip Angle

15, 20, 25


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