Strike Industries PDW Stabilizer

Strike Industries- PDW Stabilizer


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Strike Industries PDW Stabilizer

The Strike Industries PDW Stabilizer represents the pinnacle of ultra-compact PDW systems.  At the compressed position, the compact PDW allows for effortless maneuverability particularly in close quarters and vehicular operations. With the press of a button, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for greater shot stability and faster reaction time.  Previous PDW systems for ARs have been notorious for expensive proprietary systems, spotty reliability, and poor ergonomics.

This system is designed to be able to drop into your existing platform. The buffer system is carefully engineered to provide high reliability while allowing for the use of standard bolt carriers, allowing for multi-role use with a single system.  The included flat wire spring increases bolt load despite the compact dimensions for greater reliability, even in extreme short barrel configurations.

Included with the PDW is a rubberized cheek rest to create a comfortable cheek weld, a criticism of many competitor PDW systems. At the rear of the buffer tube and beneath the housing, QD cups are built-in for expanded sling mounting options.

Unlike most traditional arm stabilizers, the PDW Stabilizer is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable along all planes. The overall design eliminates any snag hazards and abrasion zones resulting in a comfortable cheek-weld and stabilizing interface.

Strike Hard, Strike Fast with the SI PDW Stabilizer.

-AR-15 Mil-Spec receivers
-Angstadt Arms 9mm & PSA 9mm
-Using a lightweight BCG may cause damage to the PDW buffer
-9mm platforms not mentioned above unless you also purchase the Strike Industries AR PDW 9mm Buffer
-Large frame AR. (LR308, AR10, etc.)

Package Contents
– 1x PDW Stabilizer Assembly
– 1x PDW Buffer Assembly
– 1x PDW Buffer Tube
– 1x PDW Flat Wire Buffer Spring
– 1x PDW Castle Nut
– 1x PDW Cheek Rest
– 2x Velcro Pad

– Built-in quick-deploy feature
– Ergonomic and comfortable pistol stabilizing interface
– Integrated QD sling mounts
– Overall shorter length than a carbine pistol tube

DISCLAIMER: Due to the compact design of the PDW Stock and Strike Industries PDW Stabilizer, the SI Extended, Shift & Ultra Light Pivot / Takedown Pins, as well as other possible extended pin sets on the market, will bind or not clear the slide rods.

-Before every use, always check the proper function of your QD mount and/or sling loop and any wear and tear from use.
-Always have your weapon in the SAFE position when not being fired.
-Always follow all firearms safety rules and never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy.

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