MaxxTech 9mm 115grn FMJ

MaxxTech 9mm 115grn FMJ




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MaxxTech 9mm 115grn FMJ


Looking for dependable and cost-effective 9mm Luger ammunition in bulk for target shooting, training, and range sessions? Look no further than MaxxTech’s 9mm 115gr FMJ PTGB9MMB ammo. Engineered for consistent performance and accuracy, this ammunition ensures that every shot hits its mark with precision.

With a muzzle velocity of 1150 fps and a muzzle energy of 323 ft-lbs, this ammo packs more than enough power and velocity for your shooting needs. The 115-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet guarantees smooth feeding and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for extended range sessions.

MaxxTech is committed to delivering high-quality ammunition at an affordable price point, and this 9mm ammo exemplifies that commitment. It provides shooters with a cost-effective solution without compromising on performance or reliability. Each box contains 50 rounds, offering an ample supply to keep you on the range for extended periods.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a novice refining your skills, the MaxxTech 9mm 115gr FMJ ammo is suitable for shooters of all levels. Its consistent performance allows you to focus on improving your shooting technique without any concerns about ammunition-related issues.

The brass casing ensures smooth and reliable feeding while also being reloadable for those who prefer to reload their own ammunition. This feature adds further value and convenience to your shooting experience.

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