Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense 9MM 90 Grain XD FTM

Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense 9MM 90 Grain XD FTM


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Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense 9MM 90 Grain XD FTM


The advanced technology Xtreme Defense Fluid Transfer Monolithic (XD FTM) is changing the way self-defense bullets are perceived. Like the Xtreme Penetrator, the progressive nose geometry allows for deep, straight penetration while creating a permanent wound cavity diameter exceeding that of most expanding bullets. Additionally, the bullet is solid copper, able to overcome barriers to penetration, is environmentally friendly and does massive tissue damage on impact. Penetrating barriers such as drywall or heavy clothing prior to impacting the intended target doesn’t have the potentially negative effect on the Xtreme Defense that it does to conventional hollow point bullets.

The nose design is the key. The Fluid Transfer’s radial flutes force the hydraulic energy inward and then as the energy is restricted, it accelerates outward creating high pressure spikes severely damaging surrounding tissue. This very rapid increase in fluid flow creates cavitation and massive tissue damage away from the projectile equivalent to those of the best hollow points on the market. The result of the Xtreme Defense is a permanent wound cavity that is two to four times greater than what a flat or round nose bullet generates and often larger than traditional or solid copper expanding bullets. What you get is a self-defense bullet that will shoot through barriers without deformation or trajectory change and creates a larger permanent wound cavity coupled with the desired 18 inches of penetration.

Best Used For Self Defense
Firearm Type Handgun
Box Quantity 20
Ammo Case Material Brass
Velocity Range Supersonic
Caliber 9mm
Manufacturer Lehigh Defense
Test Barrel Length 4 inch
Ammunition Velocity 1300
Ammunition Muzzle Energy 338
Ammunition Bullet Used 90 gr. Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense
Ammunition Type New

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