Federal Hydra-Shok 9MM 124 Grain Hollow Point


Federal Hydra-Shok 9MM 124 Grain Hollow Point

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Federal Hydra-Shok 9MM 124 Grain Hollow Point


Unlock the pinnacle of self-defense with Hydra-Shok®, a time-tested ammunition that has reigned supreme since its inception in 1989. Chosen by discerning self-defense experts, Hydra-Shok® from Federal Premium® stands as a testament to its unwavering performance. Federal Premium® employs exacting manufacturing processes and stringent testing to guarantee that Hydra-Shok® loads deliver precision and consistency in every critical moment.

Key Features:

  • Superb Accuracy and Ballistic Performance: Experience unparalleled accuracy and ballistic excellence that define Hydra-Shok®. Each round is crafted to perfection, ensuring your shots hit the mark with precision.
  • Notched Copper Jacket for Controlled Expansion: The Hydra-Shok® bullet’s notched copper jacket takes charge, initiating and meticulously controlling expansion. This innovative design optimizes stopping power, providing the confidence you need in critical situations.
  • Reliable Expansion with Center-Post Hollow-Point Design: The center-post hollow-point design of Hydra-Shok® guarantees reliable expansion, making it a trustworthy companion for self-defense scenarios. Count on consistent performance when it matters most.

Choose Hydra-Shok® for a self-defense ammunition that has stood the test of time. Elevate your personal safety with Federal Premium®’s Hydra-Shok®, where accuracy, controlled expansion, and reliability converge to empower your defensive capabilities. Make every shot count with the proven excellence of Hydra-Shok®.

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