Gunsmithing Application

Gun·smith: A person who makes, sells, and repairs small firearms.

While we are known for our custom cerakote work we are also here for your gunsmithing needs. From  custom Builds, firearm repair, or even just helping you source parts for a family heirloom, R&B Arms is happy to help. With on site Armors services. We are happy to fulfill any basic inquiry about any firearm repairs you may need. Our in-house services include cerakote, stippling, optic cuts and many more. Our services include, but not limited to:


Sight install- $45

Trigger install-$50 ( Starting)

Pin and weld for muzzle device-$45

Firearm Cleaning- $75

Finish Build:



Scope Leveling- $45

Firearm repair- Starts at $150/hr does not include replacement parts.


Custom Cerakote - What is Cerakote?

Project Types

Ar15 builds
1911 builds
Glock builds
Slide cuts
Optic cuts

Our Cerakote Work

R&B Arms only allows its Cerakote Certified painters to paint your project. All stencils are hand placed to insure your work is truly unique. This allows for a one of a kind look that no one else will have.

How it Works

If You're Local:

Give us a call and lets set up appointment, or just come on by during our normal business hours. If you are interested in a camo or a theme an appointment is best. This way we can dedicate more time to go over your project. we can talk about colors and themes in more depth.

Not Local? Follow these Steps:

Step One

Send us an email regarding you custom plan. Be Specific. Please specify all parts you are sending. If item is disassembled please provide inventory list. Be specific on colors or pattern chosen, Reference pictures always help. If items are send from home please provide copy of drivers license, if send from FFL, please send copy of FFL.

[email protected]

Step Two

Send your items to:

RB Arms

25457 Rye Canyon Rd
Valencia, CA 91355

Step Three

Once Items are received a invoice will be created as well as a customer account regarding your order. Upon completion of your order you will be contacted for payment. Once payment is complete we will send your items back to you.

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