Custom Cerakote and firearm parts.
Cerakote certified applicators providing custom cerakote application for any project

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Cerakote and Firearm parts

Custom Cerakote Application

R&B Arms is happy to meet all your custom cerakote needs. With two factory trained certified Cerakote applicators your project will always be in good hands. We are happy to be your go to shop for your custom cerakote needs. Whether it be a one off custom cerakote firearm or a complete line of parts, we are happy to fulfill your order. Make sure to take a look at all our past and most recent custom cerakote applications on the Cerakote website.

Don't worry, if you have any questions about the cerakote process we will be happy to go over the process and answer any questions you might have. With over 350 cerakote colors, we will be able to create the custom one off look for your project.

Why R&B Arms.

R&B Arms is known for making one off unique Cerakoted applications. With our stencils created in house and hand laid, we ensure no two products will ever look the same. This way your project is unique to you and nothing generic that anyone can go and purchase.

Don't want something crazy? Want something simple single color? That is not a problem, with well over 350 cerakote colors we will be able to help you pick out the best color to fit your project.

Our process:

  • First we inventory all parts.
  • We inspect all parts.
  • If it is a firearm we test fire to ensure it functions.
  • properly prep all parts then paint all parts.
  • After the project is completed we test fire again and laser bore sight you iron sights.
  • we inspect all parts to ensure proper coverage.

R&B Arms AR15 and AR10 Parts.

R&B Arms is happy to have created a simple line of AR15 rifle parts as well as AR10 rifle parts. We offer high quality AR10 rifle barrels and bolt carrier groups, as well as AR15 rifle barrels and bolt carrier groups. The AR platform is by far the most popular so of course we had to come out with our own line of parts. Make sure to check out our Enhanced lower parts kit as well as out titanium anti-walk pins.

Custom Order Parts.

Need something that is not listed on our website? Not a problem! We are happy to custom order parts for our customers. Why? This ensures you are getting the correct part for your build as well as allowing us to ensure proper fitment after a custom Cerakote application. Not doing Cerakote and just need rifle parts? Still not a problem, we are happy to accommodate.

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